The President of maersk line greater China: freight rates will be more stable throughout the year

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Time: 2017-09-27

马士基航运大中华区总裁方雪刚: 运价将更加稳定 全年谨慎乐观

Fang xuegang, head of greater China for maersk line: freight rates will be more stable throughout the year.

Big news recently, Maersk group, on the day of Maersk group with Total company signed an agreement, Total (Total S.A) will be in the form of combination of equity and debt trading $7.45 billion acquisition of Maersk Oil company (Maersk Oil and Gas).

Maersk's real profits had risen slightly, to $389m from $201m in the first quarter. However, it reported a profit of $264 million in the second quarter, as the group's oil tankers and terminals had lost assets.

After last year's low prices, the shipping industry is on the road to bottoming out this year. With the recovery of world trade and the relative "rational" capacity adjustment of the large ship companies, the supply and demand of the shipping industry is basically in balance, and the freight rate is showing a recovery.

The impact of higher freight rates, maersk line of shipping in the second quarter.

In the first quarter of this year, maersk shipping lost $80 million due to a $381 million increase in fuel costs. The latest results show that the actual profit of shipping in the second quarter was 327 million yuan.

Overall, however, freight rates remain at historically low levels and are not fully released. Most shipping companies are "cautiously optimistic" about the current shipping market, even the number one hub.

After the second quarterly results during the 21st century business herald and other media reporter interview, maersk line, President of greater China Fang Xuegang said, the only can judge is, freight will be more stable than the past year.

Fang Xuegang in the interview, also talked about the recent cyber attacks on group, and the influence of the electric business platform for cooperation as well as the acquisition of Hamburg South American progress, and explains the maersk in freight industry under the background of integration strategies.

It is worth mentioning that although the group is expected to cyber attacks in the third quarter results will be the negative impact of 2 - $300 million, but Fang Xuegang stressed group reiterated the full-year 2017 earnings expectations, shipping and logistics business plate actual profits more than $1 billion (not including the acquisition of the effects of Hamburg South America).

Container demand will grow by 2-4%.

In the second quarter of 2016, maersk line lost $139 million in real terms, and this year it turned a profit.

Fang Xuegang said that this year's world trade development better than expected, demand in Europe and North America have been restored, the ship company has also become more disciplined in the allocation, to achieve the balance between supply and demand state industry at present and freight is out of the trough of last year.

Based on market fundamentals, maersk said demand was up 4 per cent quarter-on-quarter in the second quarter, with a 1.4 per cent increase in supply capacity and a 7.6 per cent rise in freight rates. Compared with the same period in 2016, shipments increased by 1.7% and freight rates by 22%.

However, the demand for imports and exports is different. Maersk line's shipments from the far east to Europe/North America increased 5.2 per cent, but imports fell by 5.6 per cent on some routes, according to data.

"There may be signs of volatility in individual quarters, but the overall trend is positive." According to fang, the increase in raw material prices has led to lower import volumes and strong growth in consumer goods such as beer.

Overall, he said, global container shipping demand is expected to grow by 2 to 4 per cent, and will be in a higher position in that range.

Because of container freight rate gradually recovered and cargo has increased and the actual profit forecast of maersk line reaffirmed this year, compared with 2016 growth of more than $1 billion (2016 losses of $2016).

In the shipping and logistics business sectors of other business units, including maersk wharf, Dan said, maersk logistics tug and salvage and maersk container industry co., LTD., is expected to flat actual profits in 2017 and 2017 ($500 million) in 2016.

In addition, in late June, maersk group was hit by the "Not Petya" network malware, which was severely damaged, particularly in container shipping, docks and dammas. But maersk said earnings expectations remained unchanged from the owners and their own forecasts.

"Our business and volume will be affected in the weeks following cyber attacks, which will be reflected in the results of the third quarter." Mr Fang said the loss was expected to be between $200 and $300 million, with some handling of the crisis as well as the impact of orders.

Maersk has recovered all systems and has not lost any data, he said.

In the second half of last year, maersk group proposed an institutional reform plan, and the various business groups of the shipping and logistics business sectors began to integrate. Mr Fang said consolidation was still proceeding as planned, with an integration effect expected to increase by 2 per cent by the end of 2019.

In addition to the maersk line actual profit of $327 million, maersk wharf actual profit of $98 million in the second quarter of this year, fell by $11 million, said Dan logistics make ends meet, year-on-year decline in us $10 million.

Although, maersk said pier decreasing profit is affected by exchange rate and related taxes and fees, Dan said profits under pressure because of the shipping products, and product development investment is higher, but only from earnings, consolidation effect are revealed.

Mr Fang said that the integration work had just begun and that many synergies had not yet been played out, but the integration effect had already begun to emerge. "Maersk line is up about 7-8 per cent at maersk line, and the strong business performance of maersk container industries is an example of the integration effect."

In addition to maersk's internal consolidation, mergers and acquisitions in the industry are "non-stop". After maersk announced the acquisition of Hamburg South America, Japan's three large shipping companies announced the formation of a new shipping company ONE, cosco shipping and the Hong Kong group jointly launched a bid for oocl.

The number of carriers worldwide will be reduced to 5-6 in the next decade, the company's chief executive said in an interview with the media. Fang xuegang also believes that industry consolidation is the trend, and also improves the stability of the service.

Maersk's deal to buy Hamburg South America is proceeding as planned and is still awaiting approval from the agencies, which are expected to close in the fourth quarter of this year.

In response to the wave of consolidation, Mr Fang also appeared to be "indifferent". He said the group would continue to participate in the process of consolidation, but there was no new plan before the acquisition. He also agrees that the increase of future capacity will rely mainly on "integration", while maersk line will reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and continue to optimize service and improve customer experience on the other hand.

To some extent, these two aspects supplement each other, integrate each shipping and logistics sector business is in order to improve the operating efficiency, at the same time, will continue to push maersk group pursues digital strategy.

In march, maersk developed a file transfer system with IBM's block chain technology. According to fang, each of maersk's ships is equipped with sensors that collect data from the ship's operations to refine management.

"For example, oil is collected in real time. By collecting and analyzing fuel data, planning routes and even landing time can reduce fuel costs, and fuel is an important part of the cost. "Said fang.

In addition, in cooperation with electric business platform, Fang Xuegang said, although does not exceed expectations, but cooperate with platform such as alibaba, where transport is good, the Dan said also launched its own forwarder platform, the future will have more new projects launched.

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