Fardar international Express (FDE) was established in 1982 in Taipei. In the early stage, our business based on the  import and export customs clearance and entered the express delivery as market needed.  We entered Hong Kong and the mainland market in 1988, and successively opened dozens of direct sales offices in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.  Thus, a larger express delivery company is gradually formed.


We started to layout international business in order to meet the market demand from the beginning of 2006.   And started the express delivery business in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and South Africa and so on with the mode of direct or affiliate sales offices.   We focus on the one stop international logistics supply chain services including customer air  or sea express delivery service , warehousing, distribution, etc..  Till now, we are continuously carry out business in other countries to enhance the demand for market expansion


Since 2016, the FARDAR brand has been fully upgraded to FDE (FARDAR EXPRESS), and the upgraded FDE will provide customers with more comprehensive, high quality and professional customized services based on international standards.


FDE closely follow the great opportunity of international logistics development, continuously improve the ability of logistics resources integration.  Currently has the trade-leading information system, enabling customers to experience the technical advantages brought by online and offline.  A three-dimensional service mode is provided for the convenient services of customers with integration of the PC plus mobile network in the mobile phone APP, WeChat, 400, the official website and etc.  Due to the needs of customer business, we establish the long-term development solutions.  FDE has been committed to expanding the international logistics market thirty-five years, has obvious advantages in market share.


Traveled or worked despite of wind and rain for decades, self satisfied again year by year.  Thoroughly tempered will, aiming for a new chapter.  In this magnificent era of big logistics, FDE people will dedicate themselves to the tremendous changes of the times, return to the beginning of struggle oriented; focus on entrusted object till arrival by heart, let life surpass and wonderful.


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